Project meeting in Lublin 15-19 November 2021

 Framework schedule  



Arrival in Lublin / Check-in at the Mercure Hotel/ Briefing (Z. Wąsik, Z. Borowiec)


09.00 - Meeting at school, reception in the Main Hall, meeting with the Headmaster of the school - Stanisław Stoń, tour round the school with the students.

09.40 - Geography lesson with K. Dobek, German lesson with Z. Wąsik, Spanish with with B. Cieszkowska-Gałan, History lesson with Beata Król

 10.35 - German lesson with Z. Wąsik / Spanish with B. Cieszkowska-Gałan/ History lesson with B. Król

 11.30 - English lesson with Z. Borowiec  / TOK lesson with B. Król

12.45 - Lunch at school 

13.30 - City tour / sightseeing of Lublin/ exhibition in NN Theatre  (B. Król)

17.00 - Hybrid project conference

19.00 - Dinner 




09.00 - Trip to Kazimierz and Nałęczów –  Gorges in Kazimierz as nature reserves and their impact on ecosystem (K. Dobek i p. B. Król)

18.00 - Concert in the Lublin Old Theatre. 




09.00 - Visit to the memorial site of the museum at MajdanekTrekking trip in the region of the Zemborzyce Lake and The Bystrzyca River– nature  around the Lublin region

14.00 - 16.30 Free time in the city centre

17.00 – Project meeting/ conference; discussion about student – orientated working, summary of the meeting, final products, certificates (Z. Wąsik, Z. Borowiec, K. Dobek, B. Król)

 19.00 - Dinner  



Departure  (Z. Borowiec)